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What is edging and why is it not part of your regular service?

Edging is not the same as trimming.  Trimming is included with our regular service.  Trimming is cutting down stray pieces of grass that our mower missed or could not get to.

Edging is cutting a 90 degree edge along the driveway and / or sidewalk to leave a clean and defined cut between your lawn and the driveway, sidewalk or curb.

Edging varies widely and can double or even triple the time spent on a lawn.  If maintained the time becomes minimal but if only done when the grass has grown over the concrete or into the asphalt, the extra time is significant.

Edging is charged by the linear foot.  So you can choose what and how much you want done.

If done On-Call:

you are looking at .50 per linear foot (Rounded Down to the nearest $1.00)  Keep in mind the average driveway is between 40 and 50 feet long.  So on a 40′ long driveway, you are looking at 80 linear feet or $40.00 per time.  If you add in your sidewalk and the street curb you can easily reach 160 feet for a total of $80.00

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