Gate Openings

I need at least 57″ of clearance through your gate to get into your back yard with my main mowers.  This is typically a double gate but can be a wide single gate.  If I need to use my walk behind, my price has to go up from a normal $50.00 (for the average lot) a cut to $60.00 per cut.  This is because I need to send out special equipment for your yard and not everyone is trained in the use of the powered-walk behind commercial mowers.  A normal cutting season lasts 24 – 26 weeks and this comes out to around $230.00 dollars a year in extra costs.

The cost to widen your gate opening varies widely depending on what type of fence you have but a good rule of thumb is as follows:

  1. Chain Link Fence around $400.00
  2. Wooden Fence around $650.00
  3. Plastic Fence around $500.00
  4. Iron Fence (needs to be bid)

Give me a call if you would like a bid on widening your fence gate opening.

I’ll come out and look at your fence opening and give you the best price I can to make it wide enough for our equipment.

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