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Snow Blowing Services

Snow Blowing Services for Blaine & Coon Rapids.
2022 / 2023 Snow Season Pricing

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This is very important to understand about snow blowing!

City ordnance will NOT allow us to blow out your driveway before 8am or after 9pm.  I will only take on 12 – 15 snow blowing jobs this year to assure no one has to wait more than 6 hrs after the snow fall ends.  There will be NO clearing of your driveway between the hours of 9pm and 8am the next morning.

The style of driveway doesn’t matter with Snow Blowing as long as the driveway is not longer than 60 feet and not wider than 3 cars.  It is important that your driveway is marked with stakes to outline where the yard is.  So setting the service up before it snows will allow us to do this and preserve your grass and landscaping.

The prices listed below assume the driveway is no longer than  60′ (very typical for a city lot driveway in our area) & that you have paid for the service in full before the 15th of November or by the 1st blowing service to be done (whichever comes 1st).  They also assume you live in the Blaine or Coon Rapids area.  Spaces are limited and fill up quickly.

Standard Driveway (with a seasonal agreement)
$1200.00 with a 2″ trigger (anytime the final snowfall is 2″ or more)
$1800.00 with a 1″ trigger (anytime the final snowfall is 1″ or more)
$1950.00 with a 1/2″ trigger (anytime the final snow is 1/2″ or more)

Per Time Service (Not longer than 60′ and 3 cars wide)
$65.00 per service which includes shoveling the sidewalk to the house as long as the sidewalk is not longer than 10′.   Snow cannot be more than 3″.  Add $5.00 per inch for every inch over 3″

*Snow blowing services are only offered between the hours of 8am and 9pm.  So if it snows over night, I will not start the route before 8am.  One of the down sides to snow blowing verses snow plowing is the route does take a little longer to complete so you need to allow up to 6 hours after the snow stops to have your driveway blown out.  We start our route immediately after the snow stops as long as it is after 8am and before 8pm.

Explanation of services:

If your driveway is longer than the standard 60′ I would need to give you a bid.  Should  you have a City-Sidewalk that is parallel to the street and you want this shoveled off, please ask for a separate bid as this is not included in the prices above.

What is included with your seasonal Snow Blowing Agreement:
1. shoveling the sidewalk to the house (not more than 10′)
2. Placing guide stakes at the edges of the driveway to give a visual guide of where the driveway meets the lawn.
3. Yearly Paid services, the depth of snow does not matter unless it’s more than 10″  with any single snow fall. A $30.00 surcharge needs to be added to these very rare snow falls. (We have had 2 in the last 5 years)
4. Salting the sidewalks (to the front door) would be an additional $5.00 per application or $75.00 per year.
5. If the city pushes the snow back in front of your driveway after I have blown it out, I will return if called to clear out what I can. This extra clear our could involve my plow truck instead of the blower.  This is because a snow blower will not be able to get through snow packed ice at the end of the driveway.

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