List of Services Offered

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Lexmark 52" Mower Lawn Mowing Services are best done with the right equipment. My lawn mowing is done with 5 eXmarks Zero Turn mowers.

Yard Work Dump Trailer I have 3 trailers that I can use to remove your grass, brush or Spring/Fall cleanup items. Do you have something that needs to be taken to the dump, ask me for a bid!

Classen DeThatcher De-Thatching is a very important part of lawn mowing and lawn care.  It allows the roots to thrive.  This should be done every 1—3 years.  A typical city lot can be done for $250.00.

Granular Fertilizer Seed and/or Fertilize your lawn. $110.00 per yard (Up To 9,000 sf) About $10.00 per 1000 square feet over 9,000.

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See a more detailed view of my prices here.

contact Jesse for more details about your lawn mowing services or to give you a bid. (763) 220-0606

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