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Roof Snow Removal

There are two resulting issues that can cause damage to your home:

  1. Ice Damming: The most common reason for the formation of Ice Dams is when snow on the roof melts and freezes again before it can run off the roof.  
    • As ice dams increase in size, the trapped water will flow into the shingles expanding and leak into the building.
    • Ice dams can also put a large amount of pressure on the gutters and eave, causing damage.
  2. A build up of heavy snow:
    • The excess weight of snow can damage roofs, gutters, and down spouts.
    • Excess snow can also block the air flow of the building’s ventilation systems, such as those for the furnace and fireplace.

Single story homes start at $200.00 to remove the bottom 3-4 feet of snow over your eaves.  This obviously depends on the amount of snow on your roof and the pitch of your roof.  Homes with a 2nd floor start at $250.00 but again we are only removing what we can get with a pole and step ladder from the ground.  We are NOT getting up on your roof top.

This price does not include the garage as the roof space above the garage is normaly not insulated so ice damming is far less likley.  It also does not include removing the snow that we have taken down from the roof.  Normal sidewalk removal of snow is an addtional $50.00.  Normal patio snow removal (only what we took down from the roof) is also an addtional $50.00.  These prices can very depending on the amount of snow taken down from the roof and the amount of shoveling involved.

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