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North Oaks Lawn Service
Fall in North Oaks MN

North Oaks Lawn Service

 My normal day in the North Oaks area is on Thursday / Friday but this day can change due to weather or scheduling conflicts.

The average charge for this area right now is running $55.00 per lawn mowing and this is based on a verbal weekly agreement.  Your lawn could be higher or lower depending on the square footage and the amount of trimming involved.

Those looking for a 1 time or on-call service, pricing starts at $65.00 for grass not taller than 4″ and cuttable grass area of not more than 8000 square feet.  I use GoogleEarth to calculate the cuttable area.

Feel free to give me a call at (763) 220-0606 or fill in the contact form below for a free, no obligation quote

Fertilization Program

I recommend 6 applications per season. Four of them are granular and the other 2 (weed control) are liquid based. My prices are based on square footage of lawn so please ask for a quote. You can choose a 4, 5 or 6 season program.

Spring & Fall

Spring and fall clean up services are also available. I give estimates on this work based on an hourly cost. Power raking and de-thatching can also be a part of this service.

Ask me about customer referral other discounts!

Further discounts are available, please ask me how.

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