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Spring & Fall cleanups are done on a per bid basis.

A list of services offered with Spring Fall Cleanups are:

  • Front Mounted De-Thatching Rake
    • This is done by attaching a stiff rake to the front of my mower and loosening the dead thatch that can choke off your grass
    • This also will loosen the leaves for easier pickup
  • Power De-Thatching
    • This is a power rake that will do a much more thorough job of getting the thatch up from the base of the grass.  This type of de-thatching is only recommended for certain lawns and  every 2 – 3 years.
  • Power Bagging of the leaves and thatch
    • This is only done in the spring & fall.  I do not offer bagging services throughout the rest of the season.  It takes too long to attach and detach the bagging system.
  • Blowing out garden and rock beds of foreign debris
  • Edging sidewalks (by request)
  • Grass Cutting

A typical residential lot with a couple of trees usually runs $350.00 for a spring cleanup and $450.00 for a fall cleanup.  I only do these by bids, so please only use these numbers as a guideline.  Edging & Power DeThatching are not included in the base cleanup pricing.

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