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Here Is How My Discounted Lawn Care Works

The most common type of city lot is around 10,000 square feet.  After you remove the house, driveway and landscaping, you normally end up with right around 8000 square feet of cuttable grass. If your yard is larger than this, I will have those options at the bottom of this page.

$50.00: So if your yard fits into this 9000 square feet of cuttable grass your price starts out as $50.00 per cut if paid after each cut with a weekly agreement.  Every other week (EOW) agreements start out at $60.00 per cut.

The biggest discount comes with paying by the year.  70% of my customers pay this way.  there are 2 levels of discounts for this type of payment. Keep in mind with a weekly service there are between 23 & 26 cuts in a normal season.

$50.00: Pay for the year by March 15th and your total cost is $1050  Divide this by 26 cuts and you are paying right around $40.00 per service plus tax.

$50.00: Pay for the year by May 1st and your total cost is  $1100.00. Divide this by 26 cuts and you are paying right around $42.00 per service.

$35.00: The next type of discount offered is after you have used my service at least once.  Leave a 5 star review on google for me and I will re-reimburse you $35.00.  If you have paid for the year in advance by March 15th, I will send you a check for $35.00.

What if my yard is larger than 9000 square feet?
You would need to request a bid but a very good rule of thumb is your expected price will be right around $1.00 to $2.00 extra per 1000 square feet of grass above 9000.  The larger the lot the closer you are to the $1.00 extra price.

What is your cancellation policy?
This is almost as important to me as it is to you.  You can cancel your service at any time for any reason without pressure of any kind from me. If you have paid for the year in advance your money will be returned to you within 2 business days or that same day if you want to come and pick it up from me.  Please keep in mind that I have given you a large discount for paying in advance so if you do stop the service, the amount returned to you would be the number of cuts you have received times the normal cut cost (without the discount). this amount plus tax is then deducted from the amount you paid and the balance is what is returned to you.

As an example: You paid $1050.00 for the year plus $82.00 in tax for a total of $1132.00 after all available discounts.  You used my service 2 times but decide that you would like a refund.  Your refund would be $100.00 + $8.00 tax for a total of $108.00. This is for the 2 cuts you have received at full price. I would then deduct the $108.00 from the $1132.00 you paid and your refund would be $1024.00

All prices above are pre-tax.  Tax needs to be added to each option. 

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