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Fall cleanups are done on a per bid basis.

What is included with a standard Fall Cleanup?
  • Front Mounted De-Thatching Rake
    • This is done by attaching a stiff rake to the front of my mower and loosening the dead thatch that can choke off your grass
    • This also will loosen the leaves for easier pickup
  • Power De-Thatching (This is an extra charge service)
    • This is a power rake that will do a much more thorough job of getting the thatch up from the base of the grass.  This type of de-thatching is only recommended for certain lawns and  every 2 – 3 years.
  • Power Bagging of the leaves and thatch
    • This is only offered during the Spring and Fall cleanup services
  • Blowing out garden, mulch and rock beds of foreign debris
  • Edging sidewalks (by request for an additional charge)
  • Grass Cutting
  • Grass, clippings, thatch, twigs and leaves are bagged and left for the city to collect.  Removal and disposal is provided as well for an additional charge.
  • Fall cleanup services are done over the course of 2 services.  2 services are guaranteed (as long as you sign up and pay before November 1st) and start around the 15th of October with the 2nd service in November.  If only 1 service is done, Spring cleanup is done at no additional charge.  Again, as long as you have signed up and paid for the service prior to November 1st.
  • If you are a current lawn mowing customer in good standing with paying your invoices on time, I will do the service and bill you after the 1st service has been completed.  I will not do the 2nd service until the invoice for the 1st service has been paid.
  • For those customers that are not on a regular cutting service, I will only do the service if you either pay for the work in advance or give me your credit card information for payment upon the completion of the 1st service.  In 2018 I was stuck for over $3500 of un-paid work done and I cannot have this happen again.

A typical residential lot with a couple of trees usually runs $350.00 for a fall cleanup with a $75.00 removal and disposal charge.  I only do these by bids, so please only use these numbers as a guideline.  Edging & Power De-Thatching are not included in the base cleanup pricing.

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