Sprinkler Repair

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Sprinkler Head Repair

We do NOT install new systems but we do fix broken sprinkler heads.

We have a $35.00 service charge to come out.  To replace each sprinkler head, we are at $15.00 plus the cost of parts.  This means the 1st sprinkler head cost would be $40.00 plus parts.  Each additional sprinkler head would be $15.00 plus parts.

Very important!  If you will not be there when we arrive, you MUST mark the head that needs to be replaced.  Mark it with a stick, tree branch, bucket, something so we repair the proper head.  If it is not marked by something you will be responsible for the $25.00 service charge for us showing up.  A contact cell phone is recommended.

We will also need someone available to give us access to the sprinkler control panel. We have to flush it and test it to make sure the repairs worked and nothing else needs to be done.

  We will test and adjust the head as long as someone is there to turn the system on or give us access to the panel so we can turn it on / off.  If we need to return later when someone is there, there would be an additional $25.00 service fee.

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