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If you are in my service area, a typical city lot runs $50.00 per cut for a basic lawn service and $70.00 per cut for a premium service.  Premium lawn service is only available if you pay for the full season in advance as the 1st time edging will take 3 – 5 times longer than an on-going service.  Please keep in mind, if your grass is over 4″, it takes us a lot more time to do as a double or even a triple cut is needed.  This is billed at $10.00 per inch (for most lawns) for every inch over 4.  If being done weekly, this is not a concern, it will not be over 4″.  Residential Lawncare Services are based on the cuttable area of your lot.  Most homes sit on a lot size of around 10,000 square feet.  This would make your cuttable lot size around 8,000 square feet or less after you take out the house and driveway area.  If you think your cuttable lot size is larger than this, give me a call and I’ll shoot the numbers using Google Earth to give you the cuttable size and price.

Those looking for a 1 time or on-call service, pricing starts at $65.00 for grass not taller than 4″ and a cuttable grass area of not more than 8000 square feet.  I use GoogleEarth to calculate the cuttable area.

There are a few things to take into consideration with residential Lawncare: (Put your mouse here) 

          • What’s the difference between a basic & premium service?
            • Basic Service
              • Single pass mowing with no double pass cuts
              • Basic string trimming (up to 5 minutes of trimming time)
              • No curbside or driveway weed trimming
              • Large objects will not be moved but mowed around
            • Premium Service
              • Double cut passes as needed
              • Extra allotted time for string trimming
              • Curbside and driveway weeds will be trimmed & edged
              • Large objects will be moved as long as it can be done safely
          • Is your back yard fenced in?
            • (If it is, will my mower fit through the gate?) 
              • I need at least 57″ of clearance. Typically this is a double gate opening but can be a wide single gate.
              • I do have pricing for smaller openings.
          • Are you cutting your grass weekly?
              • I can do an every other week service but:
                    • A small up-charge of $10.00 for the average lot
                    • Longer grass will clump, not cut evenly and I general have to move slower with my mower to get a good cut.
                • Multiple passes will mulch up the taller grass and give a clean cut, but this comes at an additional cost.
      • Are you paying by the cut or by the year?
        • Each cut for a typical lot is $50 / $70  for a regular/premium service with 21 cuts guaranteed but 24-26 cuts per season are common.
          • Pay by March 15th for the year in advance and your cost is $1050/ $1470 plus tax (That’s a savings of around 22%)
          • Pay by May 1st for the year in advance and your cost is $1100/ $1540 plus tax.
        • If you pay for the year in advance, I guarantee at least 21 services. If I don’t reach that number, I’ll refund you the difference up to the 21 as long as you didn’t turn me away for any cuts through the season.
      • Is there an additional cost for a Spring and/or Fall Cleanup?
        • Yes.  This needs to be bid as the costs vary a lot depending on the amount of leaves and thatch.
        • Spring cleanups include spring moounted de-thatching and power bagging along with removal of thatch, leaves & debris.
        • A typical Spring Cleanup runs around $400.00 and a typical fall cleanup runs around $500.00. Subject to change as we get closer to the cleanup season.
      • What is your cancellation policy?
        • You can cancel at any time for any reason.
      • Does Lawn Care mean landscaping?
        • Not in my case. Most of my lawncare work revolves around:
          • Lawn Mowing
          • Edging
          • Trimming
          • Fertilizing
          • Snow Plowing

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