A lot of customers like to have a specific day to have their lawns cut. This is understandable but not practical on a service end.  There are many reasons for scheduling conflicts.

  1. Weather is the biggest reason that affect scheduling
    1. If your normal day is Friday and we get rain on Monday & Wednesday, it is not likely we will make your Friday date.
  2. Equipment problems
    1. I have 3 fully commercial mowers and 4 trailers but if something goes down this will put me behind as my days are fully booked and loosing 2-3 hours will affect the entire scheduling  down the line
  3. On-Site problems
    1. We arrive at your place and you have something going on and we have to come back later that day or the next
    2. Your sprinklers are running and we are not able to do the lawn at that time
  4. Saturation and re-scheduling
    1. a specific route may need to be re-structured due to area volume.
      1. This usually only happens at the beginning of the season

Most of these issues are manageable and normally do not affect the scheduling in any remarkable way but when 2 or more come up, it causes a snowball affect and can put me 2-3 days off until I am able to catch up.

Feel free to request a day. I will make every effort to accommodate your request. If I can’t, I’ll let you know that as well.

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