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Fall Clean-up Blog

Fall Clean-up of leaf & debris

Each October, as the temperature takes a dip, residents of Anoka County and the northern regions of Hennepin & Ramsey Counties start gearing up their homes for the impending winter season. Consequently, it becomes essential to undertake tasks such as cleaning furnaces, installing storm windows and doors, and inspecting gutters for debris. While some might consider postponing yard clean-up until spring, this is a chore that should not be delayed. Yard beautification isn’t a springtime endeavor; the prime moment to prep your lawn and landscape for the upcoming year is right now. Contrary to common belief, landscaping for the following spring doesn’t commence in the spring; the optimal time to get your lawn and landscape ready for the next year is at this very moment. Jesse’s Yard Work, Inc., a professional lawn care company in Minnesota, would like to provide homeowners with a few valuable tips for streamlining their autumn landscape clean-up.

These tips include:

  • Give your lawn a good raking. This action serves a dual purpose: it eliminates unsightly fallen leaves and elevates the thatch layer, enhancing aeration.
  • Trim your trees, shrubs, and hedges by cutting back any overgrown areas and eliminating dead branches. This preventive measure ensures that these limbs won’t become further weakened when burdened by heavy snowfall.
  • Tidy up your flower beds and vegetable gardens by clearing away dead blooms, unpicked vegetables, twigs, debris, and leaves. Additionally, don’t forget to turn over the soil; this step grants you a fresh start for next spring’s planting endeavors.
  • Following the initial substantial frost, eliminate any withered plants, such as petunias, marigolds, and zinnias. Also, ensure you eliminate and dispose of any perennial plant stems that display signs of diseased foliage. This proactive approach will help minimize issues when spring arrives.
  • Safeguard young plantings against heavy snow and powerful winds by using basic windbreaks.
  • When performing the last mowing of the season, avoid cutting your lawn too close; maintain a minimum height of 1.5 to 2 inches.

We are here to help: 

Lastly, if you don’t consider yourself a DIY enthusiast, Jesse’s Yard Work, Inc. stands prepared to assist you. We provide professional lawn care services to both homeowners and businesses across the northern regions of the Twin Cities, aiding in the preparation of your yard for the impending snowy season. For additional details, please reach out to Jesse’s Yard Work and request a quote. You can contact us at (763) 220-0606 or simply click on the “Request Quote” tab available on our website.

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A lot of customers like to have a specific day to have their lawns cut. This is understandable but not practical on a service end.  There are many reasons for scheduling conflicts.

  1. Weather is the biggest reason that affect scheduling
    1. If your normal day is Friday and we get rain on Monday & Wednesday, it is not likely we will make your Friday date.
  2. Equipment problems
    1. I have 3 fully commercial mowers and 4 trailers but if something goes down this will put me behind as my days are fully booked and loosing 2-3 hours will affect the entire scheduling  down the line
  3. On-Site problems
    1. We arrive at your place and you have something going on and we have to come back later that day or the next
    2. Your sprinklers are running and we are not able to do the lawn at that time
  4. Saturation and re-scheduling
    1. a specific route may need to be re-structured due to area volume.
      1. This usually only happens at the beginning of the season

Most of these issues are manageable and normally do not affect the scheduling in any remarkable way but when 2 or more come up, it causes a snowball affect and can put me 2-3 days off until I am able to catch up.

Feel free to request a day. I will make every effort to accommodate your request. If I can’t, I’ll let you know that as well.

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